Nick Allen

Nick Allen is a talented, energetic, savvy and creative businessman. Passionate about antiques, design, people, the arts, history and business. Grandson of the reputable watch and clock repairer and dealer; Jack Hill Esq. Gifted composer, pianist, singer/songwriter and musician. He is an adept performer, engaging communicator, a real natural in front of a camera or behind a microphone.

Nick’s first tv series in 2012 was co-presenting Channel 4’s Get Your House in Order, where shopaholics cash in some of their valuables to pay for a household makeover. Go to

But as a young child, Nick started out spending plenty of time with his grandfather. He was surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of antique timepieces and old objects. Somewhere, these early memories firmly imprinted in his psyche.

Nick has always been a collector of things, so with early influences it was inevitable that he developed a keen interest in antiques and design. His early collecting focussed on vintage musical instruments, moving through the genres of pottery, porcelain and glass then later furniture, metal work, memorabilia and books. He started to sell items from his collection to fund further acquisitions. Slowly a business model emerged and he could see that this hobby could become the perfect career, a partnership to his other talent as a professional musician. What life could be dreary when work is delight?

Nick’s interest in objects centers around their history and workmanship. Uncovering the story behind the artefacts (as his grandfather taught him), he finds research a rewarding process, he thrives on the challenge.

Nick Allen is a mostly self taught antique dealer, although has served apprenticeships with prominent affiliated members of the trade. He has attained a very broad and indepth spectrum of knowledge along the way. His natural, friendly personality and networking skills give him access to a large portfolio of international dealers and traders in the industry. He has quickly become a respected cog in the machine that is the international antiques and design trade.

He has an academic talent for establishing authenticity and a keen eye for quality and condition. Focussing his efforts on the quirky, unusual and fun!

Nick believes the key to successful trading is about understanding the products and matching them up to the right clients, fixing a price so that both parties are happy. His golden rule is honesty and integrity. He understands and profits from his obsession, and is always on the look out for undiscovered gems.


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    Nick Allen